Monthly Membership
Quarterly Membership
(Most Selected Membership)
Annual Membership
Brief Our monthly plan lets you choose any 15 days activity period. This includes a basic health plan, 120 hours of engagement through activities like playtime, yoga, meditation, educational session, jam session, musical hour etc. Lunch and Tea also included. Our Quarterly Membership is for 50 days and includes the basic health plan and the advantage of learning two certificate courses from a range of options. Apart from all other regular activities like yoga, meditation, aerobics, dance, music etc., you can also engage in many other learning opportunities. Lunch and Tea Included. Our Annual Membership is for those who want to benefit in the long run. You get to choose any six certificate courses to complete within 200 days. Added are the regular activities like music hour, dance fitness, Zumba, indoor and outdoor events. Enjoy and make the best use of your golden years.
Membership Period
No. of Days 15 days 50 days 200 days
Hours of active time 120 Hrs 400 Hrs 1600 Hrs
Activity Covered
Field Trips
Movie Outing
Live Seminars
Talk Shows
Entertainment Activities
Certificate Courses - 2 Certificate Courses 5 Certificate Courses
Exploring New Hobbies
Music Therapy
Language Classes
Arts and Crafts
Social Media Awareness
Services Included
Basic Healthcare Package
Physician Visit 1 2 8
Complimentary Diet Consultation 1 2 3
Free Ancillary Service 1 3 5
Added advantages
Flexible Dates
Social Environment
Affordable Fees
Regular Health Monitoring
Productive Use of Time
Meals as per Dietician’s Guidelines
Grooming and Self Care Sessions
Volunteer Services
Corporate Visits