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Ready to send your parents to a playschool? We are not kidding!

Yes, just the way you send your kids to spend their time at a day care, crèche or a preschool, send your parents too to a day care center where they can spend their time productively instead of sitting alone and watching TV at home. Second Innings House is a day care center for the elderly with facilities to keep them engaged and active throughout the day. They get an opportunity to learn, share, play, have fun, revive their skills and pursue their hobbies which they gave up long time back due to their responsibilities and commitments.

At Second Innings House, we also take care of their basic health needs and monitor their vitals as and when required with the constant support from our trained medical staff and doctors. Our care takers too are well trained and experienced to cater to their needs.

Our center is senior friendly with facilities, like an Indoor playroom, a library, a gardening area, a yoga and meditation room to name a few.

Explore our range of day care and tailor made packages to bring out the child in your parents. Let them meet, greet and treat themselves with fun and laughter.

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